World Social Forum free Palestine youth leaders delegation

The WSF defines itself as  an open meeting place where social movements, networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, formulate proposals, share their experiences freely, and network for effective action.
The WSF Free Palestine aims to strengthen solidarity with calls of Palestinians, creating effective actions, and space for discussion and strategizing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause .

Areas and Themes of the WSF
1-    Thematic areas on workshops/sessions in the WSF: we agreed on four key areas that the youth delegation will focus its work on:
a-    Impact of Israeli policies on social and economic conditions of Palestinian youth in the OPT and Inside Israel- Four papers will be presented from (WB,Gaza, East Jerusalem and 48 Palestinians).
b-    Models and experiences of popular non-violent struggle led by youth in OPT and Palestinians living in Israel
c-    The role of the Palestinian and international civil society, International community (like the UN agencies/ third parties) and International solidarity movements in supporting the steadfastness of Palestinian youth third generation. In this section three major papers will be presented, each paper will focus on one area.
d-    The role of the International solidarity movement in providing and insuring International protection for Palestinians- the scope of focus will be on ethnic cleansing and judization of the city of Jerusalem- Israeli polices in East Jerusalem with a focus on its impact on  youth. In this section the focus will be on: a1- Alternative education- The struggle to protect the national Palestinian curriculum; b2: The protection of national and International heritage and historical places; c3: The position of the International law, IHL from the Israeli polices in East Jerusalem.

Candidates should show respect and commitments to WSF and AFSC values;
2- Youth leaders must be involved in youth activism;
3- Youth must be with good experiences in areas of promoting equality, social development, youth empowerment, social movements, or any related issues that can be clearly addressed in the WSF.
4- Ability to travel;
5- Demonstrable record of communication to a wider audience, e.g. via blog, articles, films;
6- Excellent communication skills in English;
7- Committed to write at least 5 pages on his/her participation in the WSF and to share it with wider youth activists and youth organizations when requested.
8- It is an asset if the youth leader had an international experience in participating in such conferences;

Please to send us a copy of a valid passport (at least six months for countries who need visa) no later than 21/10/2012. Please to send the application form with other related documents to the following email:,


Starting Point
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