Arabs Got Revolutions

tamerNobody can deny that the recent revolutions in the Arab region has been very surprising to all of us especially that it all started after a young Tunisian fruit seller was beaten up by police for not having a business license to sell vegetables, fed up with government oppression and no job prospects with his university degree, he burned himself. This was considered as the straw that broke the camel’s back to the people and youth there leading to a popular reaction that was so wide and strong that the President left the county after just 23 days.
Straight after these incidents in Tunisia the wave of change or “Tsunami” if I can call it spread among most Arab countries Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and so on, the youth or so called “Facebook Generation” have been the key elements in all these revolutions, an important remark here is that the majority of these youth are not religiously motivated or part of any political parties, and all protests have been peaceful and lead by rational and intellectual youth that are aware enough to make and lead the change, their motivation was the anger and frustration against the ruling regimes that have ignored their demands for so long, their demands for more freedom to talk, write, act, move, and choose, they were demanding for social justice and for their lives that have been stolen from them long time ago by corrupted and tyrannical regimes that never listened to them.


Being a youth and seeing all of these recent incidents has given me such hope that these peaceful revolutions and change across the region would also have a positive effect on us too, we the Palestinians have been suffering from a division that has started 4 years ago between the two main parties Fateh and Hamas because of their different views and strategies of how our struggle with the Israeli occupation should be managed, that difference of views then lead to a division in the Palestinian land and between the people, we have become like two separate countries: Gaza ruled by Hamas and the West bank ruled by Fateh, this division has brought nothing but disasters to us and to the whole Palestinian case from all aspects; politically, economically, and most importantly socially.
Palestinian youth have been frustrated all this time waiting for a solution from those who are in power, and as soon as they witnessed all these movements across the Arab world and how successful and effective these movements have been, they decided that it is time to act and to have a role to end this division, and so the 15th of march Palestinian youth movement was born with their main slogan “We Want to End the Division”, and like other youth movements they have been heavily dependable on social media to promote their goal of ending the division through protests and demonstrations that would kick off all over the country both in Gaza and West bank at the same day and as the name refers that day was at the 15th of March.
I never participated in protest before but since the start of this movement I’ve been so enthusiastic and decided to participate and to have a say regarding what is happening around me, it is a duty of every Palestinian now young or old to stand up and say “Enough”, I didn’t participate because I’m with one party over another, I participated because I am fed up with this situation and because I believe that this is our only opportunity to make a change, I participated because I want us to be one country and one people, I want to raise my head again and say proudly that I am a Palestinian, I participated because I simply love my country and I want to live for once in peace like all other nations.
We might succeed and we might not depending how long we can stand and how rational those who are in power are and whether they have learned the lesson from our neighbors, it is going to take some time for us to be heard, but this is just the beginning and every letter of the story will be written by us, I do hope that the end would be as strong and great as the beginning was.

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